It is necessary to go through examination to have a credit card

In order to have a credit card, it is necessary to pass the examination. Whether it is an online application or mailed documents, you can fill in the required personal information in the application form and carry the card if the examination details pass.

What points do card companies place importance on personal information? First, one of the most important items is the credit information of the target.

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The credit card company must inquire at the personal credit information center, as it is difficult to obtain accurate facts from the contents that the individual has declared about the past credit payment status and the borrowing history.

Here, usage histories of credit card companies, consumer finance, etc. for target persons within at least the past five years are collected.

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Therefore, to what extent other financial institutions have borrowed in the past borrowing history, and if there is delinquency or delay history, it becomes immediately known to the credit company that has made the inquiry, and as a result it is regarded as nonconforming if there is any problem in repayment ability You can not hold a card.

Woman looking for credit card examination information

It is necessary to go through examination to have a credit card

Other important points besides accident history are the existence of stable income, the ability to repay, and the stability of location.

In view of these conditions, it is more advantageous if it is a workplace that works for a company with stable business conditions and can expect long-term employment forms such as civil servants, and that the residence form of residence is more than a flat at home or one-person living Conditions such as living with parents or family are preferred.

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That is, in terms of how much the individual’s ability to repay is guaranteed, it is a top priority that the card company is a customer who will not lose money in the event of an emergency.

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The best customer image that can easily pass the examination created from these conditions is the answer that it is a single young man who lives with his parents and lives in his own house. If you live in your own home, you will not get away at night even if you have a chance, and if you are single you will have a lot of money to free yourself, so you will be more motivated to buy.

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Even if repayment is late, if the parents live together, the rate at which they will take over will be high. Furthermore, if you press the wrong number, it is preferable to register your home landline phone rather than a mobile phone.

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This is due to the fact that it is more reliable to get in touch at the place of residence.

There are many people who own some of them

When I say credit card, I think that many people may already own a few for shopping purposes, but with the times, the contents of these cards have become more diversified. In addition, it may seem that it has become possible to select the content in a way that suits the purpose.


For example, these days, cards that offer discounts on online shopping etc., cards that use ETC on expressways and cards that accompany road services related to them, mileage credits of airlines, etc. There are parts that have various contents, such as cards that can be used.


And to the application

With regard to this choice of credit card, it can be considered as good idea to refer to relevant comparison sites online.

There are sites that make comparisons in an easy-to-understand manner, such as types, grades, and benefits according to the purpose of these cards, and for those who can choose cards from now on, it has become a very convenient content It may appear to be


Also, regarding the examination at the time of these applications, there are still some parts where the conditions are introduced in the form according to the grade such as a gold card, so while referring to these, credit card with a sweet examination. You can think of it as if you could choose a card that you could subscribe to at.


Especially in recent years, credit cards have become so convenient to use various services online, so you can have a card with content that suits your purpose. We think that use of various services may become convenient more.


As the types of these cards are increasing with the times, why don’t you try to choose something that you can use for more deals?

Credit card of examination on the same day is increasing

After all, the trouble when issuing on the same day is that there are no documents or it is difficult in time.

If you want your credit card to be able to issue the same day, be sure to carefully check and prepare in advance to avoid failing the detailed procedure .

If you use a lot of credit cards to pay, you can collect each point.

Among them, the point by Rakuten card, because it is possible to cover the payment of cash in the settlement in the Rakuten market, which is the largest service in the country, it is a card that is pressed.

It is a site that is precisely ranking, comparing various credit cards from various points exactly .

So I would be grateful if you could use it as a material to increase the number of candidates who are wondering whether to make a credit card now.

If an overseas travel insurance card does not require payment by credit card, it will be possible to use the overseas travel insurance without doing anything if you are going to travel abroad and actually depart. It is

If you want to apply cashless services to the expenses paid for on-the-go treatment with your overseas travel insurance coverage attached to your credit card, the first credit card company you own is preparing Let’s call our overseas support service.

If you are going to make a new credit card from now on , it is definitely recommended that you make a decision by comparing several in advance as much as possible.

In that case, I would like to make a reference by all means, easy to understand credit card comparison ranking !

If, due to various circumstances, you have been forced to go into bankruptcy before, if there is still data about that, it will be quite difficult to issue a new credit card on the same day. I think that it is not wrong if you do it.

The convenient Famima T card is that the level of credit card entrance examination of 2012-2013 is quite loose and the ranking on the web of a credit card, etc., and it keeps keeping a considerable position on a regular basis, really the examination It will be safe to think that it is a credit card with a low judgment.

We have built special features on the site so that you can use the best advantage card in the rankings, and find a credit card that suits the style of each life, according to the amount of daily credit card payments. You

If you want to apply for a reliable card with confidence, you can definitely say that the recommended credit card is the familiar Sumitomo Mitsui Visa card in CM.

After all there are many affiliated stores in Dantotsu, so from now on credit card life, it is a credit card that no one feels inconvenient.

We compare in point in which annual membership fee or card use has you get, compensation in case of theft or accident by any chance. Other than that, it can be compared by various viewpoints, and it can be compared by the ranking format that you can judge intuitively what kind of credit card works in what situation.

It can be said that the point redemption rate by the card use is also a comparison item at the time of very large application.

It is what is called the point redemption rate how much it will be reduced at the rate of the total of the payment paid normally using a credit card.

In the use of super credit cards, which have many free membership fees, it is normal for most days to use a 0.5% reduction rate, and for days that are not point up days, the reduction rate is 1% or more There are also cases where it is better to pay by credit card.

If you have ever experienced a debt “deferral” or “debt consolidation” or “self bankruptcy” for which you have no obligation to repay for any reason, it is natural that even if the credit card examination is a different loan examination If you look at the results, the results of the examination are more difficult to pass than those who are not.

Due to the process on the web from several years ago, the number of credit cards on the same day for speedy and helpful examination has been increasing. As a matter of convenience, after the application for joining using a smartphone or cell phone, the examination result for issuing the card is issued in about 30 minutes as soon as possible.