Most often refer to credit information

When applying for a credit card, unlike a membership card that can be used just by writing a name, etc., it takes a process of examining and determining whether it can be used properly.

The reason is that the basic principle of credit cards is to make deferred payments on payments, so is it likely that you have the responsibility or ability to pay those payments properly? It is because it can be said that what is very important element.

Most often refer to credit information

If you are not willing to pay properly and are willing to step down or ignore it, you will be wasted money if you collect it from there.

It is not a problem for this part if there is a history of paying properly when you have been using a loan etc. until then. One of the major differences between companies is in the assessment of solvency.

The ability to pay is basically based on monthly and yearly salary income, and the number of years of continuous income. As a result, even if you have a person who earns a huge amount of compensation in a free business, there are cases where a public employee who can easily make a stable payment has a better evaluation when considering it from the viewpoint of a loan.

There are cases where it is all right if there is a deposit etc, as long as the amount is secured, and there are cases where such continuity is valued.

Most often refer to credit information

In the case of a housewife, etc., it will be calculated based on the income of the spouse, etc., as it will be non-income.

It is most often referred to credit information which collected usage history for similar usage whether there is not any problem.

Credit information is collected by each company to share the situation so far and not to give a loan to the person in question, and if the payment tends to be delayed, bankruptcy, etc. history There will be records such as when there is a.